Sales Office for Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod Region:
(831) 274-87-62, 224-12-58

Regional Sales Office:
(831) 275-96-26, 274-87-60, 274-87-61

Procurement Office: (831) 275-96-67

Fax: (831) 224-33-59, 275-96-26

We are selling Sodium Formate (place of origin - China, package - 25 kg) Use: Хas a reducer in organic synthesis Хas an anti-freeze additive Х as an additive in anti-icing materials Х in the production of building structures, Х the produci

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About us

JSC "HIMREACTIV" has been operating on the market of chemical agents since 1948 and is now one of the largest suppliers of chemical raw materials and equipment in the Russian Federation. In the recent past it was an interregional production and sales office located in Gorky (the ex-name of Nizhny Novgorod), embodied into "Soyuzreactiv" system in the former USSR and reincorporated as a joint stock company in 1993. The Company’s annual turnover exceeds $17 000 000

The key product range (more than 3000 names) includes reactive chemicals, industrial chemicals, glassware, laboratory instruments and equipment, laboratory furniture, indicators and indicator paper, detector tubes, culture media, filters and filter paper, state reference standards and standard titer.

The company is located in Nizhny Novgorod, the capital of Volga Federal Department and the so-called Russian "Pocket", situated at the center of the European part of Russia. Both the company’s office and warehouse occupy a total area of 2 ha.

The company has large heated storage facilities, forklifts, an access to railroad lines, parking lots, garage facilities and motor transport.

During 65 years of impeccable operation, we have been building a customer base that is growing day after day. We have a spotless reputation of a reliable supplier and proved to have no problems with our solvency. We collaborate with the major nationwide plants , the number of clients currently exceeds 3,000.

We have arranged direct product supplies from China, Belarus, Poland, South Korea and India and we always try to expand our activity opening and developing new markets.

Plenty of companies choose JSC "HIMREACTIV" as their supplier because:

  • most of the products we offer are stored at our warehouses, which dramatically shortens the order execution period and guarantees product quality;
  • all the products are subjected to incoming quality inspection and meet GOST (standards) and TU (requirements specifications);
  • we have all the required licenses and certificates;
  • convenient location of our warehouse and office at one site enables fast and comprehensive product issue to be arranged;
  • we have a highly skilled team of professionals (from the times of "Soyuzreactiv") and young specialists;
  • we have a flexible pricing system, offer individual discounts and grant credits to Himreactiv’s regular clients;
  • we deliver goods to your individual order;
  • we work under annual/quarterly/monthly orders allowing us to optimize deliveries in advance, according to the planned client’s needs;
  • we pack chemicals, including highly hazardous goods, to the client’s order, at Himreactiv’s packaging department;
  • we deliver goods by any means of transport to any nationwide area;
  • we render hazardous goods transportation services; our trucks are properly equipped and we have license cards for transportation of hazardous goods across Russia.

We are aimed at comprehensive and first-class client services and invite you to a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

"I believe that our greatest success consists in the fact that JSC "HIMREACTIV" managed to hold its positions and to secure the stability for our employees during the challenging times. And as an old wisdom says: ”What was preserved, will be increased".

V.N.Lyamkin, General Manager, JSC "HIMREACTIV"